2015 Santa Maria BBQ

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The 2015 Santa Maria BBQ annual event and auction is being held this September at the local VFW! All of our South Dakota raised beef is cooked over an open oak fire and then seasoned for a taste that's hard to beat. All of our tickets come with an additional raffle stub for a drawing to be held later in the event. Please call the museum at 605-385-5189 to reserve your ticket(s) for this special event.

The legendary BBQ is a tradition that has been held by the Missile Wing for years.

Back in California, servicemen started the event with specially cooked beef and a get-together for their family, fellow service members, and friends. SInce then, the BBQ has moved on to different locations over time as servicemen were re-assigned or as they retired. The original recipe is "secret" and every group has their own method to creating that Santa Maria BBQ taste.

This event will help support the SD Air and Space Museum, so you can enjoy the meal, auction, and entertainment while knowing you are helping keep aviation alive for generations and families to come.

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