Looking for something to do in the Black Hills? Don’t miss one of our exciting tours of SD Air & Space Museum or one of our other exciting Black Hills events taking place at our museum. We have something for everyone including tours of the local Ellsworth Air Force Base, learning adventures for the kids, and once in a lifetime Black Hills events hosted at the SD Air & Space Museum.

We offer free tours of our museum by our knowledgeable docents, all who will enrich your experience as you learn about the American Journey through aviation and aerospace. Check out our TripAdvisor page for reviews of our free tours and docents who add history and experiences to every exhibit during our tours.

Traveling in a large group or even by charter bus? Contact the SD Air & Space Museum and we can schedule your event with ease! We offer large group tours and accommodations for large charter bus tour groups! The SD Air & Space Museum is perfect for your next trip through the Black Hills.

Our bus tour of Ellsworth Air Force Base includes a visit into the base Minuteman II missile silo, where you will be able to see the power of this defensive system that protected the U.S. during the Cold War. This tour is a unique offering in the Black Hills, as it's the only Minuteman II silo in the nation that allows the public to go inside the installation. Be sure to check out the National Historic Site for guided tours of the Launch Control portion of the Minuteman II program as well!

Minuteman II Silo & Ellsworth Air Force Base Tour Synopsis

  1. Sign up and get ready for countdown at the tour desk with valid ID(s). This desk is just to the left after entering the museum. Remember, the tours are given on a first-come, first-served basis, so arriving early is a great idea!
  2. When ready for blastoff, the tour bus will arrive in front of the museum at the front curb, ready for departure. Board this bus with your ticket and become acquainted with one of our tour operators!
  3. The tour bus will take you to the Ellsworth Air Force Base Visitor Center, where the security check will be processed. When cleared, you'll go onto base.
  4. Enjoy our guided tour of Ellsworth AFB & the Minuteman II missile silo!
  5. The bus will bring you right back to the front of the museum once the tour is finished. The total time from beginning to end is approximately 1 hour to an hour and a half dependent on security-clearance time.

Enjoy one of our tours, and come learn about our nation’s military history, aviation might, and proud heritage.

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