2nd Annual Community Appreciation Day

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Be sure to join in the fun this Saturday! Read more for details...

This year's event marks the second occasion that the South Dakota Air & Space Museum hosts this event here in the Black Hills. This year sees a return of great participation from Ellsworth Air Force Base facilities!
First, the Ellsworth K-9 units are planned to come out and give demonstrations to the public of their work. These men and their loyal dogs work hard to complete their missions, and carry on a long tradition of serving in the field of duty. The Ellsworth dogs are no exception to the rule, and execute their tasks with impressive finesse.
Next, the "Test Pilot" lunch is flying in! Guests will be able to purchase a meal provided by our volunteers and the Ellsworth Heritage Foundation. A good portion of the foodstuffs were donated by local Rapid City businesses, so you can know that your meal's donation goes ta long way in supporting the long-term operations of the Museum. Featured in this lunch will be the American classic, the hot dog! It will also be served with chips and water. And of course, you can always find dessert and more at the museum's new SAC bar!
Next, the museum will be screening videos by John Mollison. These unique and thought-provoking documentaries showcase fascinating history and highlight important ideas that affected those who served in the Air Force and those on Ellsworth. Some of these videos actually first premiered at the museum, so if you missed them the first time, this would be a great chance to see these visual works of art!
Also planned is the unveiling and first public offering of the new F-16 Falcon flight simulator. This simulator has undergone extensive remodeling to accomodate new flight software and hardware, and with the dedicated work of volunteers, staff, and help from Ellsworth AFB personnel, it is hoped to have this sweet ride ready for take-off this 29th of July!
And finally, a make-and-take model station will be made available to the public. Visitors will be able to make their very own model of either a P-40 or a P-51 right at the museum! These easier kits make it a "snap" (don't read too much into it) to build, and it also gives a chance for the younger ones to get in on the action. Be sure to check it out!
Don't forget too, that the museum will be still running tours of the Minuteman II missile silo that day, as well as guided tours of the airpark and more! We're looking forward to a great day, and we would love to have you there!

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