Aviation Technology Being Put to the Road

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Normally, Rotec Radial Engines are being put to good use in aircraft.
However, JRL motorcycles found a way to change the normal purpose of the 171 cubic inch displacement 2800 cc engine.

The above motorcycle is named Lucky 7, and with 110 hp in aircraft applications, it was calculated to go over 200 mph. About as fast as you can hang on, in the designer's words.
It was all about torque, and although it had 6 speeds, the builder said it would have only really needed 2 speeds. It was very light with the Rotec aircraft engine, which weighed only 190 lbs.  A total of 4 of these radial engine motorcycles were built by JRL.
The Lucky 7 was taken to the museum almost 10 years ago for a photo shoot by JRL motorcycles. It was built in the creator's spare time, and eventually sold. This permanently grounded aircraft engine can still fly in its own way, and is an inventive use of aviation technology.

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