Hot Wings are available this Spring!

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Hot Wings Have Landed!
Being one of the few aviation gift shops in the Black Hills, we're committed to bringing in unique aircraft items that you really can't find at any other South Dakota museum or shop. This dedication means aircraft and military aviation gifts, souvenirs, and collectables of all kinds are always on the runway and ready to take off with visitors when they come through the Black Hills.
These "Hot Wings" are made out of die-cast metal, and come in a large variety of military, private, and WWII aircraft along with helicopters and even the Space Shuttle.

These are pretty accurately molded models, which is really special as correctly marked aviation toys are harder to come by. These solid jets can be played with in the dirt, in the mud, or even the sandbox, yet they are nice enough to still be a little collectable and put on the shelf.
Each one comes with it's own runway and a collectable card giving facts on the aircraft, such as it's duty years,flight ceiling, and other hard-core info. Of course, no selection would be complete without the B-1B, which is available in two different colors. It's one of the few B-1B die-casts out there that sells for less than $50, making it an affordable way to take home a mini-sized piece of the aircraft stationed on Ellsworth AFB.
The styles range from the old favorite, PT-17 Stearman, to the top-security B-2 Spirit bomber. Both the Thunderbirds' F-16 Falcon and the Blue Angels' F-18 Hornet make a debut, along with the deadly AH-64 Apache gunship. Another model worth noticing is the SR-71, which has the D-21 "Dog" drone carried on top of its fuselage. During the Cold War, the drone would have been used by the SR-71 for recon during missions. It would launch from the fuselage, then follow a designated path to take photos over a target area. Then, it would eject the information for retrieval, and self-destruct. The drone's presence on this toy is a nice touch, and makes a historical nod to the mission of the SR-71.
Be sure to check them out next time you visit the South Dakota Air & Space Museum during your stay in the Black Hills!

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