September Silo Tour Availability

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Limited Silo Tours

Bus tours of the Minuteman II silo and EAFB are available on scheduled days and times.


Please read more for a full schedule of remaining tours.

As the museum nears the end of it's summer season, tours have been reduced in accordance with our driver availabilities. The list below shows what days and times tours will be made available.
As always, we ask our guests to ensure that they have a valid federal ID with them for everyone 18 and over. Also, please ensure you don't have any bags with you, and please be aware of the REAL ID act, (more info can be found here)
Morning Tours= first tour departs at 9:00 AM, next at 10:30 AM
Afternoon Tours= first tour departs at Noon, next at 1:30 PM, last at 3:00 PM.


  • August 31st: Afternoon
  • September 1st: Afternoon
  • September 2nd: Morning & Afternoon
  • September 4th: Afternoon
  • September 6th: Afternoon
  • September 9th: Morning
  • September 11th: Afternoon
  • September 15th: Afternoon
  • September 16th (CAR SHOW): Morning & Afternoon

    After labor day, (September 4th),  the last tour will normally return you to the museum around 4:30, which is the museum's closing time. Please be aware that no restrooms or museum access will be available to you on your return if you take the last tour of the day.

    We look forward to seeing you on the tour of Ellsworth AFB and the Minuteman II missile silo!

    And, we want to thank all of our visitors for a great summer. These tours will hopefully be made available again next year starting in mid-May. If you'd like to see more Minuteman II related exhibits, you can always go to the Minuteman II Launch Control exhibit area just inside the museum too!

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